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Thomas jefferson and alexander hamilton essay

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Hamilton wanted to form a national government to help them get out of debt resulting from the American Revolution, he planned to borrow money from European banks then pay it back. He believed our national government had to be strong enough in order to defend ourselves. Jefferson wanted to accomplish a small, weak government that is not to powerful. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton had to different views on how America should function.

Hamilton Vs Jefferson Analysis

Thomas Jefferson And Alexander Hamilton - Words | Bartleby

Jefferson vs. Hamilton Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton lived in a time where things in the United States were not extremely stable, and the Declaration of Independence was yet to be set in stone. Jefferson and Hamilton had two separate and different lifestyles and views of the government. Jefferson was born approximately 12 years earlier than Hamilton, on April 13, in the English Colony of Virginia. Since his father was wealthy, Jefferson received the best education possible and had. Jefferson grew up in Virginia to a well respected family, while Hamilton was born in the Caribbean Island of St. Croix, but moved to America when he at age thirteen to get a better education.

Similarities Between Alexander Hamilton And Thomas Jefferson

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson are a fine example of this. The conflict and compromise of Jefferson and Hamilton has greatly impacted the life of many. The conflicts in war and politics led to small problems in the country, but the compromises in Hamilton endorsing Jefferson for president benefited all, except Hamilton himself, who in doing so, ultimately led to his death. Alexander Hamilton and.
He once believed that these actions were injustice, but in the end of his presidency he left with this act placed upon America, like a stamp indicating his changed self. Jefferson in the beginning of his presidency was a man with Democratic-Republican blood running through his veins. He did things he desperately needed to, accepting unconstitutional purchases of land, placing injustice acts upon his citizens, and enlarging the navy. He was also directly associated with every major event of the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress, and the building of the new republic. Even the country 's new capitol had his name.

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