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Cause and effect essay on earthquakes

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Earthquakes can also cause lots of damage. They can collapse buildings and other manmade structures, break power, water and gas lines, cause landslides, snow avalanches tsunamis and cause volcanoes to. On December 26, , the pressure became too much for the plates to bear Doc. These seismic waves travelled all the way from the sea to land, wreaking havoc in their paths. Is there a way to stop it?

Cause And Effect Essay On Earthquakes

Causes, Effects and Geographical Distribution of Earthquakes - Owlcation

These plates move towards each other a convergent boundary , apart a divergent boundary or past each other a transform boundary. Earthquakes are caused by a sudden release of stress along faults in the earth's crust. The continuous motion of tectonic plates causes a steady build-up of pressure in the rock strata on both sides of a fault until the stress is sufficiently great that it is released in a sudden, jerky movement. The resulting waves of seismic energy propagate through the ground and over its surface, causing the shaking we perceive as earthquakes.

Haiti Earthquake Essay

Community Safety. Tsunami pron: 'soo-nar-me' is a Japanese word: 'tsu' meaning harbour and 'nami' meaning wave. Tsunami are waves caused by sudden movement of the ocean surface due to earthquakes, landslides on the sea floor, land slumping into the ocean, large volcanic eruptions or meteorite impact in the ocean. Until recently, tsunami were called tidal waves, but this term is generally discouraged because tsunami generation has nothing to do with tides which are driven by the gravity of the Earth, Moon and Sun. Although some tsunami may appear like a rapidly rising or falling tide at the coast, in other situations they can also feature one or more turbulent breaking waves.
What are earthquakes and what causes them? How many earthquakes occur annually worldwide? What equipment is used to record and measure earthquakes? Where do earthquakes occur most frequently? Is it possible to predict earthquakes?

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