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One case that uses the reason of insanity defense is the Andrea Yates case. Andrea Yates was a woman from Houston, Texas who drowned her five children. This event occurred on June 20, She was said to suffer from severe depression after the birth of her fifth child. She was found guilty of first degree murder, but a court of appeals reversed the conviction and found her insane. In March , the jury rejected the insanity defense and found Yates guilty of first degree murder, which sentenced her to life in prison.

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The earliest form of the insanity defense found its footing with 13th, 17th, and 19th century writings from Henry de Bracton, Edward Coke and Matthew Hale, and Henry Roscoe respectively Maeder, After a failed attempt to integrate a new standard, or the Durham rule, into the American court system, the rate at which courts deemed defendants to be Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity NGRI quadrupled in Washington, D. The ALI Model Penal Code continues to undergo revisions and is the prevailing standard upon which most state-level American criminal courts operate today. As scientific knowledge of human psychology continues to deepen and expand, perspectives of psychological evaluation have grown and adjusted as well.

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In conclusion, the death penalty is inhumane because it goes against the constitution and violates the eight amendment by showing cruel and unusual punishment towards people who have been put on death row. People on death row experience abuse both physically and emotionally. The death penalty is also an unsuccessful fear tactic and arbitrary because some criminals will commit crime no matter what the consequences are , and it is arbitrary cause it is a random selection process for who will be sentenced to death and who will not be sentenced to death.
The insanity defense refers to that branch of the concept of insanity which defines the extent to which men accused of crimes may be relieved of criminal. The terms of such a defense are to be found in the instructions presented by the trial judge to the jury at the close of a. These instructions can be drawn from any of several rules used in the determination of mental illness.

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