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Chapter 2 pulmonary disorders case study 19

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He had a long history of asthma developed dyspnea with only moderate exertion. He slept on two pillows. There was no peripheral edema. Arterial blood gases showed the following: pH, 7. To distinguish asthma from these other possibilities generally is not challenging even though some of these diseases exhibit wheezing and dyspnea.


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Q: TR, a year-old man, is seeking advice. Although he is generally in good health, he has recently been developing a mild wheezing and tightness in his chest after exercising and playing soccer. TR does not smoke and has not had any respiratory illnesses recently. However, he does recall using an inhaler as a child for asthma but was told that he had outgrown the condition. TR does not take any medications. He says he does not want to follow up with a physician, if possible, because he is between jobs and does not have health care insurance. What information can you provide regarding nonpharmacologic approaches to managing this condition and self-care?

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Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy: Management and Case Studies, Second Edition is a unique and succinct textbook for the classroom that blends clinical notes on assessment and management together with case-based instructional approaches to cardiopulmonary care for acute and ambulatory care patients. This one-of-a-kind text describes current approaches that cover traditional physical therapist management strategies and includes evidence-based chapters on early mobilization and exercise training on a wide range of cardiopulmonary patient groups. The updated Second Edition presents twenty-four cases that were designed to complement each chapter topic and represent the most common pulmonary, cardiac, and neurological conditions that are typically managed in cardiopulmonary care.

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