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Do not waste electricity essay

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Food waste happens when food is intentionally discarded at all stages of the food supply chain. We are all guilty of wasting food, whether it be from not knowing or possibly not caring about the massive consequences of our actions. This alone demonstrates the enormous impact of food waste not only on society but on the environment. People do not realize. Food waste does not only occur in schools, food waste occurs in multiple environments, such as restaurants, grocery stores, and every day households. Food waste comes in all different forms as well, whether it is whole containers of salvageable snacks or scraps of food capable of utilization as compost.

Essay on Save Environment

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Today, the electricity waste is one of the major problems many Universities face because this problem affects the financial performance of Universities and provokes the ongoing deterioration of the environment situation. In actuality, the average University campus consumption is high because the maintenance of the campus needs a lot of electricity. However, the problem is that the electricity is not always used efficiently. Instead, a part of electricity is just wasted because of the inefficient use in campus. Therefore, the question concerning the effectiveness of the consumption of electricity in the campus arises. In fact, the electricity waste in campus is a serious problem, which affects not only the spending of the University to cover electricity bills but also the local community and students.

Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository

The comforts of modern living cannot be thought of without electricity. We lit our homes with electric lamps, work under electric fans, live in air conditioned houses, travel in electric cars, and electric trains, use electric washing machines and enjoy T. V and films, all worked by electric power. Thus in almost every field of modern living we depend on electricity.
By Klaus S. Lackner , Christophe Jospe. Reframing our understanding of carbon dioxide emissions can help clear the path for practical approaches to reducing carbon in the atmosphere. The physical problem underlying climate change is very simple: dumping carbon dioxide and other greenhouses gases into the air raises their concentrations in the atmosphere and causes gradual warming. In the several decades since climate change has been an important international political issue, the necessary solution to this simple problem has been viewed as equally simple: the world must radically reduce its emissions of carbon-carrying gases.

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